10 Major Mistakes You’re Making That Are Causing Food Waste

Focusing on ending these mistakes will save the entire world (and the contents of your pocket ). You can avoid 10 Major Mistakes You're Making That Are Causing Food Waste.

Mercedes-Benz confirms 7-seat EQB EV launching this season

Mercedes-Benz expands its EQ assortment of vehicles together with all the family-oriented 7-seater EQB. It will have a range of drivetrain and battery settings.

Google Earth now allows users to “time travel”

In Google Earth's recent update - the largest in the last four years - users can peek at satellite images from the past, up until 1984, and see the changes humans have made to Earth's sceneries.

The Last of Us Series Gets Gabriel Luna as Tommy Miller

The last of SHIELD has been projected in a lead part for HBO's The Last of Us TV show. Luna will assume the part of Tommy.

Corroded Young, main co-founder of Poco, dies at 75

He composed the nation's musical crew's most significant hit, "Insane Love," in a lifelong that spread over 50 years.

Former LA Dodgers star Yasiel Puig refuses sexual assault accusations.

This week, former Los Angeles Dodgers athlete Yasiel Puig has come forward to dispute claims that he sexually assaulted a woman in the Staples Center back in 2018.

Dogecoin cost surpasses 10 cents to achieve an all-time high.

The cryptocurrency, which has a Shiba Innu dog's face as its emblem, has surpassed 10 pennies for the very first time.

Big Brother UK Star Nikki Grahame expired at 38

Nikki Grahame that collaborated on Big Brother UK, has expired following a longtime struggle with anorexia.

China fines Alibaba $2.8 Billion For Breaking Anti-Monopoly Law

The Chinese government says it's devoting a $2.8 billion nice on the e-commerce company Alibaba Group for violating its anti-monopoly regulations.

‘Mario Kart’ may teach us the way to resolve poverty.

On the lookout for answers to many of the world's most significant issues like poverty, ecological sustainability, and agricultural struggles in creating areas can be mind-bending.