With the First Apple Chips, Apple launches new Macs


On Tuesday, Apple unveiled a new series of Mac computers using the processors it first developed. Apple has relied on Intel since 2005 to produce the processors that underpin the laptops and desktop computers of Apple, ensuring that those computers used basically the same chips as many other PCs.

The move away from Intel was the latest sign of the rising power and independence of the largest firms in the technology industry. Apple is big enough to design and produce those chips itself, and rich enough. Inside the iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch, Apple has already created the chips, and now it basically produces all the main components of the Mac, from the software to the hardware to the components that control the device.

In June, Apple revealed the move, and then said that later this year it would show off the first Macs with Apple processors. On Thursday, Apple said it was making “a chip family” and that it would take two years to upgrade all of its Mac computers to the new components.

Apple has released new laptops for the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, as well as a new Mac mini desktop computer.

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