The House plans to finalize the next coronavirus stimulus package


House Democrats are finalizing the specifics of the $1.9 trillion economic stimulus plan from President Biden, and barreling towards a vote at the end of next week on the final legislation.

During a conference call on Tuesday, Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, the majority leader, told House Democrats that he planned to see the legislation hit the House floor by next Friday, according to two people familiar with the remarks.

In a letter to the Democrats on Tuesday, Mr. Hoyer wrote, warning that votes on the stimulus package could go through the weekend, “Our challenges are immense, and the House must meet them with bold and resolute action.”

During the House recess, committees met remotely to haggle about the particulars of Mr. Biden’s plan, with the budget and rules committees set to be the last two panels in the coming days to finalize the legislation.

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