About 10,000 Fans Could Return to England Stadiums by Mid-May


There is good news for sports lovers as the government seeks to move England out of lockdown. It has been hinted that up to 10,000 fans could be accommodated in stadiums. This news was confirmed when Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a “four-part plan to lift the coronavirus lockdown.”

As it stands, outdoor sports, including golf, football, and tennis, will be permitted to resume in England from March 29th.  However, this plan to ease the lockdown means that four tests on vaccines, infection rates, and new covid-19 variants are to be met.

The government has said that a series of ‘pilot’ events will be run in April, and the discussion on the potential number of fans to attend the Carabao Cup final on April 25th at Wembley was done. According to them, if their lockdown easing plans go well, about 10,000 people or 25% of the seating capacity will be approved for stadiums in a sports event. The good news is this is highly probable to happen before May 17th. Hopes remain high as people await the best outcome.


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