Whatsapp To Disable Messaging For Those That Reject New T&C


It has been noted that by May 15 this year, WhatsApp users who refuse to accept its updated terms and conditions will be unable to send and even receive messages until they accept. WhatsApp announced this update in January. Users who do not accept will have their accounts listed as an ‘inactive’ account. This means that after 120 days, their accounts can be deleted. However, calls and notifications will still be functional for a short while, which might be only a few weeks.

After a backlash was given to WhatsApp by its users on this update, WhatsApp explained that the update is channeled at enabling businesses to receive payment.

With the initial announcement regarding the update of terms and conditions, other platforms like Telegram and Signal witnessed a huge surge in demand. This is because several WhatsApp users then looked for alternative encrypted-messaging services. WhatsApp thus delayed the initial rollout and has now made modifications on how it notifies users of changes.

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