Netflix sets $100 Million to Help Underrepresented Communities


Netflix is intending to raise a fund of $100 Million to empower the underrepresented communities that are interested in the field of entertainment. This is because Netflix wants companies to share their part equally in the creativity of the films and movies that used to be on air on-screen. Moreover, Netflix didn’t specify the name of the organization whom it would uphold, it would encourage such firms that would assist filmmakers in the creation of diversity on screen.

Role of Netflix behind the supporting belief

This fund is part of great endeavours. The intention of Netflix behind the collection of this fund is only to stimulate the multiplicity in the world of entertainment. A year back this the ambitious company announced that it would allot $5 Million to the organization that aimed to promote Black artists, an advocacy group and industry.

The chief executive of Netflix Company proclaims in a company’s blog post that, the only way of demonstrating good means is by creating opportunities for those who are at the forefront of the recognition. Also, Netflix possesses the idea of schooling the unheard voices of artists if they need any modification.

Analysis of the specification of diversity on the platform of Netflix

This core intent of diversity by Netflix has come at the forefront after the study authorized by the company, University of Southern California, affiliated with a think tank. They showed the analysis of hundreds of movies, scripted sequences and TV shows to describe the variety of content that is being displayed on the screen in recent years. Netflix used to represent Black enthusiastic artists majorly on the screen to omit the difference between races.

Gender equality from on screen to the back of Camera

The conducted analysis gave Netflix the remarks of appreciation for the showcase of gender equality in movies and films. The cast of women and girl while playing the important roles on-screen set the viral trend in the media industry. Moreover, this equality and diversity of creation are not limited only to the front of the camera, the workers like directors, scriptwriters and producers from diverse locations also aim to work for the diversion of talent worldwide.

Netflix acknowledges the continuation of an effort that brings long-lasting outcomes. It wants to propel such a progressive track that creates a persistent heritage of inclusion in the field of entertainment. The USC report found that representation of racial and ethnical groups on-screen through Netflix has expanded with the period time on main areas.

An estimated role of underrepresented groups

The specific study conducted by the USC group also showed the progressive percentage of underrepresented groups over time. The survey showed that the proportion of the main leading roles and co-leads from unheard artists has been increased from the year 2018 to 2019 with the amount of 26.4% to 37.3%, appreciative progress. Overall, Netflix is all set to create the beauty of entertainment through the diverse talent emerging from all over the world .

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