Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Brides (2021)

Weddings are extraordinary occasions not just for the couple, but also for the guests. Great gifts for people looking to give something a little more personal and creative.

Starlink to Provide Space Internet Service

Elon Musk's Starlink satellite Internet service has become quite the topic of conversation after it helped provide free Internet to the people of Texas.

India Finally Begins the BRICS Chairship

India finally begins the BRICS chairship within an inaugural meeting on Wednesday. Anurag Srivastava, the ministry of external affairs spokesperson.

Amazon Changes its Logo Yet Again

Amazon has been grabbing the headlines after it changed its logo. The offending logo was said to look like Adolf Hitler.

Biden Revokes Trump’s Green Card Ban.

Since taking office, Biden has issued many executive orders to lift restrictions on the immigrants in place over the past four years.

WHO Lauds India for Sharing Covid 19 Vaccine

The Covid vaccine seems to be the solution now, and all the nations are trying to give their best in vaccinating their residents.

Golden Globes Winners

Golden Globes is one of the most awaited award shows, and this year, too, there were a series of winners and nominees who won our hearts with their amazing performances.

Vegan Pancakes (milk-free pancakes)

Veganism is the newest way for many people, and this has changed many people’s lives indeed.While that is true, there are many recipes that one has to give up or ignore.

Elon Musk is Promoting Cryptocurrency.

A recent tweet from Elon Musk became quite the thing. He was found with a series of tweets where he mentions the Japanese Shiba-Inu-themed digital currency, Dogecoin.

Netflix is Coming with Several Stand up Comedies and Movies

Netflix has already gifted the world with its comedy specials. 2021 is no ordinary year as it promises many things to its users.