Amazon Changes its Logo Yet Again


Amazon has been grabbing the headlines after it changed its logo. The offending logo was said to look like Adolf Hitler. Amazon quickly changed The mean shopping app logo After some commentators made that remark.

Some observers pointed out that it resembled a toothbrush moustache that was associated with the Nazi dictator. This technology giant has now changed its design to 2A folded blue tape after getting customer feedback. The app logo was known to show a graphic of a shopping trolley on our smartphones and tablets.

Recently Amazon said that then you design what’s the spark of anticipation and excitement enjoyed when customers would see the icon on their phones just as they do when they see their boxes on their doorsteps. Many people and observers commented on the logo, but Amazon quickly understood the situation and rectified it. It only reflects how Amazon treats its customers and listens to them. 

The logo is now changed, and the new design has already impacted the customers and viewers.

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