Biden Revokes Trump’s Green Card Ban.


Since taking office, Biden has issued many executive orders to lift restrictions on the immigrants in place over the past four years. President Biden reopened the country to seek green cards that ended a ban on legal immigration that former president trump had imposed last spring.

Many critics have already accused Mr trump of using the pandemic as a mere excuse to advance his agenda by restricting immigrants from entering the country.

Former President Donald Trump had issued the ban last year and said it was needed to protect the US workers amidst the high unemployment due to the pandemic. Current President Joe Biden revoked this proclamation from his predecessor on Wednesday, which had blocked many green card applicants from entering the United States of America. Biden also rejected the reasoning in a proclamation on Wednesday. He mentioned that this prevented families from reuniting in the United States and also harmed our business.

The Democratic president Biden has also pledged to reverse many of the immigration policies dictated by Trump. 

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