Microsoft Accuses China Over Cyber Email Attacks


Microsoft recently blamed a Chinese espionage cyber group for attacking their leading server software. The company also said that these hackers were backed by a state-backed group and called them “highly skilled and sophisticated actors.” Microsoft later said that the hackers could use four undetected vulnerabilities in the different versions of the software.

Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Centre claimed that these attacks were made by “hafnium,” which is state-sponsored and operates out of China. They said that this organization attacks law firms, defence contractors, infectious disease researchers, and higher education institutions. They also think that non-governmental groups and tanks have also been targeted. This is also the eighth time Microsoft has publicly accused nation-wide groups that are targeting institutions.

They mentioned that this attack had nothing to do with the SolarWinds attack that hit the US government agencies in the previous year. The company later went on to fix its software to take care of all the vulnerabilities. There are plenty of US tech firms that have had a rocky relationship with the Chinese government. 

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