Netflix is Coming with Several Stand up Comedies and Movies


Netflix has already gifted the world with its comedy specials. 2021 is no ordinary year as it promises many things to its users. Netflix is set to bring in a host of special shows and movies for us, and this time, it will be bigger and better. 

Netflix is here to give its subscribers a lot of fun, and we can consider this as a gift for all the damage 2020 has done. Some of the popular sitcoms that have become quite popular are Friends, The Office, and many more. The American version of The Office has been a regular on Netflix for over a decade and is one of the most popular shows in the streaming services history. Some of the other sitcoms on Netflix worth watching are Community, The Good Place, Bojack Horseman, Grace and Frankie, and Arrested Development.

Here are some of the stand-ups that are coming to Netflix to knock your socks off.

Blanche Hardin’s Bonne Nuit Blanche is going to release on the 1st of March. There is also a Brain Regan on the Rocks that has already got a fabulous rating. Chris Rock is coming too with his Total Blackout, and we all know how funny that is. A special called Eddie Murphy raw will be gracing Netflix too that is surely going to be a delight.

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