WHO Lauds India for Sharing Covid 19 Vaccine


The Covid vaccine seems to be the solution now, and all the nations are trying to give their best in vaccinating their residents. WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyesus has lauded Indian prime minister Narendra Modi for his commitment and for sharing the Covid 19 vaccines with 60 other countries.

He hopes that other nations will follow his example and try to be as helpful as possible. He tweeted that India’s support has helped over 60 countries, and vaccination has been made possible. 

On Wednesday, India dispatched its first batch of Covid 19 vaccines to Ghana’s African country under the Covax facility and aimed to cover 92 countries under this initiative. India has already given 229 lakh doses of the vaccine. They also set away vaccines as gifts to several countries, including Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius, Bhutan, and many others.

Countries that received the vaccine regularly are Bangladesh, Egypt, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Algeria, South Africa, and others. India has set an example, and hopefully, this will be of immense value to these countries.

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