Asian American Hatred – Biden Reacts


America has been in the news for the past few weeks because of the Asian American feud. The Asian American community has been receiving a lot of threats and its treatment from otherwise Americans. There have been many reported cases across the country where Asian Americans have been mistreated by the people.

The latest happenings in Atlanta where a police officer shot eight people. Among them, four were identified as Asian Americans. However, the police say that they are yet to get to the root of the case and if they were specifically targeted or not. President Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris have offered this solace to the grieving Asian community. This has created a place for fear among the native Asian Americans. The recent happenings in the year 2020 where we witnessed how people like Brennona Taylor were killed for no cause.

A similar situation can be seen now where the targets are the Asian Americans. The president has already made it clear that they are condemning the attacks on Asian Americans. Many videos surfaced on the Internet where we saw that people are mistreating Asian Americans and bullying them. It is definitely not expected from a country like the USA.

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