AstraZeneca faces Ban


AstraZeneca has been threatened to halt their exports of the vaccines if they did not deliver the required number. This delay has already caused international tensions, and according to the officials, they have the option of banning the export. AstraZeneca has been asked to fulfill their contract with Europe first before they start delivering to other countries. This news is coming as a result of the European Union who was struggling to speed up their COVID-19 inoculation campaign. According to Von Der Leyen, AstraZeneca has only delivered 30% of the total of 90 million vaccines they had promised in the first quarter of the year.

The company had initially blamed the production delays as a result of the EU plans, but the European officials are angry and furious because AstraZeneca was able to deliver the UK contract in full while it fell short on the continent. The European Commission president has already threatened to block the European exports of the COVID-19 vaccine along with other suppliers. This has proved to be a major problem for the vaccine supplier, and they’re trying their best to come up with solutions to provide for the pending orders. Many countries are already furious because of the delays, like Italy, and so there must be amendments made in order to deliver what was promised in the first place.

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