China’s Famous Tech Titan Goes Missing


It was not very long ago when Jack Ma went missing. Jack Ma was also about to become the richest man in China, and all of a sudden, in November 2020, the outspoken billionaire suddenly went missing. Jack Ma’s company Alibaba is an online store that he started from his apartment and now is one of the largest joints in the world. This deck magnate is known for its flamboyant presence and different publicity stunts. He is seen throwing parties for his employees and among his latest ventures and group was about to take over the digital payment market in China through his Alipay mobile finance app. Ahead of this very big venture, Ma spoke in an assembly of many high profile figures and said something controversial that criticized the Chinese financial system.

Surprisingly enough, he was not seen in public until late January. There have been many rumors that would say that he had been placed under house arrest or may have been detained. There were many investigations that started which suggested that Chinese President Xi Jinping was behind this and personally intervened in the process. China is already facing increased international scrutiny from the US over the human rights policies in Hong Kong and in Zhang. In January 2021, Ma surfaced on the Internet and provided a video where he was addressing a charity event and then was also spotted playing golf on the Chinese tropical island of Hainan.

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