Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America leaves audience spellbound


Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America is the sequel to his movie Coming to America. In this movie, Murphy is back as the Prince Akeem of Zamunda, and the story takes place after three decades of the original. Akeem now has three daughters but has no son to pass on his throne too. His dying father informs him of a bastard son who he had conceived in New York. He leaves for America in search of this son. The story progresses, and we are introduced to the two daughters.

The main characters of the movie, including Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Arsenio Hall, present some stellar performances. All of them are known for their amazing performances and brilliant comic timing. This movie will surely leave you two splits because of the brilliant story and the amazing characters. The movie is now available on Amazon prime, and you can watch it. Don’t forget to grab some popcorn because this movie is definitely going to be a great watch with your family or your friends. The movie has already received a lot of positive reviews, and some are already calling it a great comeback for Eddie Murphy.

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