Kane Set to Be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame


Glenn Jacobs, the performer who became Kane into a household name in wrestling for greater than two many years, is being honored by WWE with an induction into the enterprise’s Hall of Fame as a hero of the 2021. The ritual will be hung on April 6.

“This is the most glorious honor of my complete seasoned wrestling career,” Jacobs says. “There were so many human beings that helped me get right here, and I can’t wait to say way to every of them. It’s a great honor, one that I’m anyway trying to system.”

Now the mayor of Knox County, Tenn., the 6′ 8″ Jacobs held a size and athleticism that honored to have him dedicated for name in wrestling. Yet reaching an elite stage within the enterprise is particularly tough, and he struggled to supply meaningful paintings over the first area of his career. This blanketed unsuccessful stints in WWE, first as evil dentist Isaac Yankem, DDS, which became followed through an uninspiring stretch as the fake Diesel.

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