Sachin Tendulkar, retired Indian cricket player, has Covid-19


The famous ex-cricketeer Sachin Tendulkar has recently tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, as revealed in his Twitter, which also says he has mild symptoms. “I have been testing myself and taking all the recommended precautions to ensure Covid is kept at bay,” the tweet says. “However, I’ve tested positive today following mild symptoms.”

Tendulkar is living in Dubai, and has retired from cricket in 2013 with a record of 100 international centuries, still to be beaten. The closest a cricketeer has gotten to that can be seen in Ricky Ponting’s score of 71 international centuries. Even though he has retired, Sachin is still widely recognized as an iconic figure, specially in India.

The Covid-19 situation in India has the biggest new daily cases since last year: 59,118. Tendulkar lives in his home city of Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra, where a majority of more than 60% of those daily cases has been reported.

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