The baguette is nominated as potential Unesco cultural heritage


The famous baguette is one of the things many tourists look for when visiting France. The country is known for a lot of its foods and practices, and the baguette, along with the traditional baking required to get it done, is certainly an important symbol in French culture.

Since it is such an iconic part of the country’s cuisine, baguette baking has been nominated for inclusion in the UN intangible cultural heritage register, a list of important cultural expressions and practices with not only the ability to conserve a group’s identity, but also a threatened existence.

That is the case with the baguette and its baking process: they are associated with French identity, and are also threatened externally by globalization, and internally by big companies. Other countries replicate the baguette and menace the bread stick’s influence in French culture, while French food industry prepares the iconic baked food en masse with modern techniques, rather than traditional ones.

Being inserted in the UN intangible cultural heritage list may help conserve and even grow the traditional baguette baking practices. It will be known whether the baguette enters the list or not in 2022, after the UN’s decision.

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