‘Made for Love’ exploring the dark side of our high-tech future


This darkly comic HBO Max series, starring Cristin Milioti, uses the backdrop to give an intriguing look at an abusive relationship, grounding its sci-fi flourishes in echoes from the present.

The display kicks off with a bang, as Milioti’s Hazel Green flees the space-age compound she shares with Byron Gogol (Billy Magnussen), the ambitious billionaire founder of (what else?) Gogol. Byron has made Hazel the test subject for the company’s newest offering, Made for Love, which uses embedded microchips to create love “identities that are intertwined a perfect marriage, “with the disturbing lack of independence that entails.

Granted, the idea and configuration might not be planned to last for long before running out of steam; however, even if it isn’t love at first sight, there’s plenty to like here, thanks primarily to Milioti.

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