Siri’s voice would no longer be female by design, according to Apple


When users set up the virtual assistant on their mobile devices, Apple said they would be asked to choose from a variety of voices. Apple currently offers users the option of choosing a male or female voice, as well as six different accents, including American, British, Indian, and Irish, but the female voice is defaulted on US devices. In some nations, such as the United Kingdom, Siri uses a male voice by default.

Apple said in a statement, “We’re excited to launch two new Siri voices for English speakers, as well as the option for Siri users to pick the voice they want when they set up their computer.” “Apple’s long-standing dedication to diversity and inclusion, as well as goods and services that better represent the diversity of the world we live in, continues with this announcement.”

The updates to Siri are already included in Apple’s iOS 14.5 beta, and will go into effect for anyone setting up a new Apple computer when the software update is released to the general public later this year.

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