9-year-old among victims in California shooting


A massacre occurred this Wednesday in Orange, California, at around 5:30 pm. The locale was a business complex, in which the shooter entered, locked the entrance, and began the shooting. The police arrived and an “officer-involved shooting” happened before the officers were able to enter the courtyard. There, they found the suspect injured along with a 9-year-old fatal victim with a wounded woman.

Besides those, there were three more dead in the location.

The 44-year-old suspect used a semi-automatic handgun and had other items with him, such as ammunition, pepper spray and handcuffs. The suspect also had a relationship with the victims, as Orange Police officer Lt. Jennifer Amat revealed, but the exact motive of his acts is not clear.

Some things are still being investigated, such as the relationship of the 9-year-old victim and the woman he was with, and the nature of the wounds that afflicted the gunner – it’s not known if they were self-inflicted or done by the police.

This is the third shooting in the USA in just two weeks: a March 16th shooting occurred at three spas in Atlanta, making eight victims, and another shooting happened on March 22nd in Colorado, at a supermarket, with 10 victims.

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