How to make your fitness schedule?


When you write things on your calendar, they have done!! Delegate a time – 3x per week and make it function. See to your workouts with as much priority as you would a doctor’s appointment.

You wouldn’t cancel an appointment like that for some lame reason, so you want to protect your time in regards to your health and fitness regimen as well.

In Providence Fit Body Boot Camp, we conduct seven sessions every day Mon-Fri from 5:20 am till 6:30 pm, so unless you’re working 13 hours a day (some do, most do not ), you have hardly any excuse not to stay fit and healthy unless it’s not so important to you.

Many have careers, children, family duties, and dogs to take care of. However, they still find a way to get into the gym and take good care of themselves.

If you are reading this, you’re either on my email list, Facebook page, or reading my go-to column, so you were interested to some degree about how to get healthy or fit at some point in time. Why would you waste your time reading my stuff?

The whole-time thing: You pick your children up from school daily. Have you told them to fend for themselves and walk home since you do not have enough time to pick them up now? Most probably not.

Perhaps you have not provided the family dinner since you didn’t have some time? Perhaps you pick up or make something quick when you had a hectic afternoon, but you fed everybody and got it done.


What’s this?

Because what we create a priority in life has done, and fitness and health should be no different.

If you don’t work an incredibly physical occupation, you need to exercise and move, and that’s reason enough to make it a priority and program it in your schedule.

Random acts of exercise are not good enough.

TV makes you sit and do nothing but be lazy. This is not a necessity in anyone’s lifetime, but nearly everybody has it. And not just the basics, either. All those premium channels cost a lot of money, so don’t say you can’t afford the gym when you’ve got a premium bundle of senseless choices.

Smartphones cost a lot too, but if you need them, I guarantee you’ll see a way to get one if you can afford it or not.



We’re here to help you overcome everything which gets in your way with fast, effective workouts and simple-to-follow nourishment plans.

If you don’t, that’s okay too. Leave the other excuses on the shelf, be honest with yourself, and stop saying you don’t have the time, ability, or resources to get it done since, in all actuality, you’re doing.

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