Authorities: Monkeys on the loose on Cincinnati’s West Side


Police said they achieved into the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden to assist across the primates up late Thursday in St. Joseph (Old) Cemetery in West Eight Street and Enright Avenue at West Price Hill.

Officers responded to this area roughly 10 p.m. Wednesday when taxpayers reported fighter sightings.

Cincinnati Zoo Spokeswoman Michelle Curley told The Enquirer the zoo is assessing the circumstance.

“We’re assessing the situation to find out whether there is anything that we can do to help the Cincinnati Police Department. Could do nothing in the dark,” Curley said.

A post shared on Facebook has begun to circulate, supposedly showing that the monkeys at a tree.

What’s Ohio’s legislation on exotic creatures?
According to the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio’s exotic-animal law enacted in 2012 panned private owners by getting, selling, and breeding limited species in Ohio.

The limited list includes lions, tigers, bears, elephants, particular monkeys, rhinos, alligators, crocodiles, anacondas, and pythons more than 12 ft, particular vipers, and most venomous snakes.

Owners who’ve enrolled the critters they’ve and fulfilled caging and care criteria set out from law can continue to keep their animals so long as they reside. However, they can not purchase new ones or strain those they’ve.

As stated by the Department of Agriculture, Ohioans have been permitted to possess marmosets, capuchins, lemurs, and squirrel monkeys. Other species are thought to be dangerous wild animals in Ohio.

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