Spotify has introduced a new desktop app and web player experience.


At Spotify, we’re always looking for ways to provide the best possible experience so our listeners can consistently discover and enjoy music and podcasts—and that includes look, feel, and functionality. We constantly test, develop, and launch new features, optimize for new devices, and look to expand our content offering. Yet along the way, we felt that our desktop app experience hadn’t kept up, and that it was time for a change.

– Spotify | MARCH 25, 2021

With this update, they bringing together the technological benefits of a modern, scalable web player with a unified Spotify interface and the functionality you’ve come to expect from the desktop app. Spotify made the move because both services have a bright future ahead of them, and they want to ensure that the services will continue to meet the needs of their users now and in the future.

Check out how the new app looks below on the artist page of Justin Bieber and also the bottom player playing the song Revival from Selena Gomez :

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