Recently published cookbook assists some Covid survivors with cooking


Many people who were infected by the Sars-CoV-2 lost their sense of smell, taste or both. Unfortunately, that is a symptom that can stay for a long period, even after the disease is treated and, as such, it is considered one of the so called “long Covid” symptoms.

Among the various obstacles to daily life that hyposmia (the reduced capability of smelling) and hypogeusia (the impaired sense of taste) impose, two that can be placed among the most noticeable are related to eating and to cooking.

Many who have these symptoms of “long Covid” relate that, prior to having them, they could cook very well, but after the disease, their cooking skills dwindled significantly due to the loss of taste and/or smell.

To help these people, two British chefs gathered new techniques to help people cook, even without being able to smell many foodstuffs. They also sought to adapt the choices of ingredients to better suit the Covid-affected palate.

The cookbook is available for free digitally, but a hard copy can be bought online. The digital version, the hard copy and more information are all available in their website.

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