6 Things To Know About ADHD


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common mental disorders in the world. It is characterized by difficulty in paying attention, and impulsivity or restlessness. Individually, this condition can be predominantly related to a reduced capability to focus, or to hyperactive behavior, or a combination of these two.

Here are some facts about ADHD:

  • Not everyone with ADHD is noisy or rowdy. People with this condition can have a hard time paying attention or staying still, but also keep a quiet manner;
  • Treatment can be a combination of drug therapies and non-drug therapies. Medications such as stimulants can be prescribed, and the development of skills such as organization, breaking tasks down into smaller ones, planning, and stress managing all can help someone with ADHD;
  • ADHD can lead to anxiety and depression, especially if it is not treated adequately.
  • Both children and adults can have ADHD. Usually, the diagnosis is given during childhood, and the person eventually develops coping mechanisms, reaching adulthood with a higher quality of life;
  • Males are more affected than females. This could be because hyperactivity is more easily diagnosed than attention deficit, and males with ADHD are more likely to have impulsive and hyperactive behavior, while females tend to acquire a lack of focus;
  • The exact cause of ADHD is still unknown, but there are risk factors, such as brain injuries, drug, alcohol, or tobacco usage during pregnancy, premature delivery, and a family history of ADHD. It is not proven that sugary diets, excess of television, or poverty can cause ADHD, although these factors can negatively influence the outcome of this disorder.

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