Rocket launch to be visible from Grand Strand


The SpaceX new rocket is scheduled to take off Friday, the 23rd of April. SpaceX and NASA have paired up to see it fly together. The missile was scheduled to lift off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, at 5:49 AM.

The spacecraft will embark on a six-month voyage to the orbiting laboratory. Grand Strand residents will be treated to a good view of the rocket.

We would observe the launch much earlier if done just before sunrise since the dark sky will help the progress through the upper atmosphere.
The colorful contrail from the separation of the rocket may be visible above the eastern sky during the rise.

When conditions are favorable, may see the rocket shortly after liftoff and visible several minutes later in the southeastern sky.

The best way to see the rocket launch is to locate a spot where you can see both the southeastern and northeastern skies are clear. The views from the beaches are fantastic. Turn your body 45 degrees to the other way to find the rocket pad. At this place, you can see the liftoff.

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