On Tuesday night, there will be a colorful astronomical event.


Over the next week, a PINK super moon will brighten the night sky, but there will be no discernible color difference, as the name suggests. April full moons are also known as “pink moons,” after the pink flowers are known as phlox that bloom in the spring.

The celestial phenomenon is predicted to happen shortly before sunset on April 27 when the moon rises in the east and will be visible until the next day when it sets in the west. It’ll also be a supermoon since the full moon will be at the closest point in its orbit to the Earth.

“The average distance of the moon from the Earth is 384,400 kilometers,” Anna Ross, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, said. “However, the moon will hit its closest point this lunar month on Tuesday, at 16:24, when it will be 357,379 kilometers away. The full moon nearest to this stage is at 04:31 on April 27, so the supermoon is also on April 27.

“It means that the best times to see this supermoon will be on April 27, when the moon will rise in the east shortly before sunset and set in the west shortly before sunrise.”

The Earth’s natural satellite moon will also appear 14 % larger and 30 % brighter during this period.
“A supermoon is the result of a full moon occurring at the moon’s closest point to the Earth in its orbit,” Ms. Ross explained.

Since the moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical rather than a circular direction, this is possible.
“Because the moon is getting closer to us, it seems to be getting higher in the sky.”
After that, the next supermoon will appear in May 2021.

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