The FDA has said that: Not reuse the now-plentiful N95 masks.


N95 Mask Important in this Covid-19 situation. Almost every medical to ordinary person uses this mask in day to day life.

Medical professionals may soon resume using one medical N95 mask per patient, a procedure that was put on hold during the pandemic due to deadly supply shortages.

Due to a nationwide shortage of gowns, masks, and gloves, which resulted in nurses in some hospitals making protective gear out of garbage bags in the spring of 2020, the Trump administration allowed hospitals to clean and reuse masks.

According to the Biden Administration, good N95 masks are now available, and hospitals and health care facilities can stop rationing safety equipment.

Earlier this month, the FDA released a statement recommending that health care facilities “move away from crisis capability conservation strategies.”

The National Nurses Union, the country’s largest professional organization of registered nurses, calls the new guidance “a tiny step in the right direction” but says it “ultimately fails” to protect nurses because it enables employers to decide what daily N95 supply is.

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