WWE fired a star after he allegedly ‘stole’ from Triple H.


“Hey, @WWE, Mark Carrano stores belts that he stole from WWE under the bed in the guest bedroom at his West Haven home. @TripleH @StephMcMahon.” Mark Carrano keeps WWE belts he stole under the bed in the guest bedroom of his West Haven home.

Paul Heyman referred to WWE star Cesaro as “arrogant” on the most recent episode of Talking Smack. Roman Reigns declined to offer Cesaro a chance at his Universal Championship on this week’s WWE SmackDown.

Instead, Reigns challenged Daniel Bryan to challenge the title, putting his SmackDown star status on the line. The match will air on SmackDown Live next week. Daniel Bryan Is Leaving WWE On An Unexpected Date?

Paul Heyman explained on Talking Smack about Cesaro that he could only speak with Reigns after receiving permission from The Tribal Chief, Jey Uso, and himself.

Cesaro does not get to speak with Roman Reigns, according to him. He has access to Jey Uso, his “right-hand man.” He will talk with Heyman, the Tribal Chief’s special counsel if Jey Uso allows it.

Finally, he will advise The Tribal Chief to accept a ‘audience’ with him if he agrees. For the next 40 seconds, Cesaro grinned and squeezed Paul Heyman’s side. The Swiss Superman remained silent and let go of Heyman’s hand without saying anything. After that, he walked away.

Paul Heyman addresses Cesaro.

Cesaro’s actions enraged Heyman, who described him as “arrogant.”

“You know what Cesaro’s problem is? He’s arrogant. Who the hell does he think he is? Huh? Am I not going to p*** him off? I’ve been p***ing people off in this industry for 34 years and, in my life, several years before that as well. Who the hell does he think he is coming out here and not letting me get underneath his [skin]? I’ll get underneath your skin more than you understand I’ll get under your skin. I’ll make this personal for you. When I offend you, you sell it.” He said.

It remains to be seen what Cesaro’s future holds, as well as whether or not he will be given a chance at the Universal Championship.

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