History and Importance of International Dance Day 2021


Dance is an art form, and an excellent form of exercise that brings people together, celebrates their happiness and allows them to express their different emotions.

The Origins of International Dance Day

The International Dance Committee of ITI founded International Dance Day in 1982. On April 29th, it commemorates Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), the founder of modern ballet.

The Importance of International Dance Day

International Dance Day aims to spread the word of dance’s various benefits, celebrate dance as a stress reliever, celebrate pleasure and express oneself, and celebrate dance as an activity that brings people together. This performing art transcends political, cultural, and ethnic boundaries.

Celebration of International Dance Day

Each year, the International Dance Committee of ITI and the ITI Executive Council choose an exceptional choreographer or dancer to spread a message worldwide. However, due to the COVID, 19 pandemic, the International Dance Day celebrations will be held online this year.

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