Hamilton is excited about the opportunity to serve as a “wise sage”


After the Williams driver crashed out of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Hamilton sent support to Russell and Norris. A front-row position was stripped away from the McLaren racer for exceeding track limits.

On Instagram, a devastated Norris apologized to his team, saying he was sorry, “They “deserved better” and “fucked up,” but Hamilton responded, “Nobody can knock you for giving it your all.” Excellent lap. It’s beautiful to see you and your teammates shine. Let’s go, let’s run.”

Hamilton clarified his answer when asked: “You’ve got a lot of talented people here, and I’d say that I’ve grown closer to the racing community. “All the drivers have a huge amount of respect for one another, and we interact better than I think I’ve ever seen, definitely since I started in Formula One, which I’m proud of.”

We’re just human beings with so much in common, and we’re all bent on naturally beating each other, but there are a lot of really good people here, and we all need to help each other.” Hamilton, 36, was 22 when he first entered the sport in 2007, while Norris, who began racing as a teenager, is still only 21, and Russell is only a few years older at 23.

Hamilton admitted that his 14 seasons in the sport had taught him the value of reflection and hindsight, which has helped him become a mentor to the next generation of British drivers on the grid. “It’s fun to be farther down the road and to be able to see as you look back on someone a lot younger and see them go through what you went through a long, long time ago,” Russell said. “It just helps to say something encouraging to inspire them to keep going, keeping your head up, and battling.”

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