The design art for Dragon Age 4 is shown.


BioWare is still busy promoting the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition later this month, but that doesn’t mean Dragon Age fans aren’t getting a look in, with another piece of concept art reminding everyone.
Dragon Age 4 is a real thing that is being created.
Previous concepts depicted an arcane archer and an urban sorcerer, but the most recent portrays a Grey Warden in full armour and cape.

The latest tidbit about Dragon Age 4 came after creative director Matthew Goldman tweeted, “I’m feeling very grey and pointy right now,” to executive producer Christian Dailey, who responded with the Grey Warden picture.
Although the Grey Wardens were vital in Dragon Age: Origins, they’ve faded into obscurity sinceā€”in Inquisition, you can enlist the remnants of the darkspawn hunting club, but maybe this is a sign they’ll return. To prominence in the next game?

In the past, the Dragon Age games have avoided flowy fantasy capes, probably because they still can’t do long hair without it clipping through your armour, and a set of fantasy cloaks will be much more challenging to get correct.

You can quote The Incredibles all you want, but I’m all for capes appearing in Dragon Age, having already modded them into Skyrim so I can cosplay as Aragorn.

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