Floyd Mayweather Threatens to Kill Jake Paul in Fight [WATCH]


Floyd Mayweather Jr. made an appearance in Miami on Thursday to promote his upcoming boxing pay-per-view fight against Logan Paul.

Still, Jake Paul, the social media sensation’s younger brother, seemed to get under Mayweather’s skin the most.
Mayweather became enraged with the YouTuber and chased him down in a rage, threatening to kill him after the YouTuber snatched Mayweather’s hat off the top of his head and ran off with it as if it were a game.
“Got your hat!” Paul exclaimed.

Mayweather charged towards him, yelling, “Don’t disrespect me!”

“I’ll kill you, motherf*****!” Mayweather added.

As mayhem ensued, security had to separate the two.

The video below shows the start of the wild altercation.

Here’s more video from the brawl.
Mayweather repeatedly threatens to kill Jake Paul in the video below.

He claims, “I’m going to kill you, motherf*****.
Are you insane?
I’m going to f*** you!”

Jake Paul’s brother Logan Paul appears shaken by his younger brother’s actions by the end of things. We can see Logan Paul looking perplexed about what just happened in the aftermath of the altercation.

“What the f*** did he just do?” he exclaimed.

Mayweather will face YouTuber Logan Paul in a special exhibition Showtime pay-per-view boxing match on June 6.

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