DK Metcalf comes with a time of 10.37 seconds in his 100m debut.


DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks appears to be sticking with the NFL for the time being.

The wide receiver made headlines earlier this week when he announced he would compete in the 100m at the Golden Games and Distance Open in California on Sunday.

Metcalf had hoped to qualify for the US Olympic trials next month, but he finished ninth in his heat with a time of 10.37 seconds – not bad for a 6ft 3in, 220lbs football player, but far short of the standard required to compete with the world’s fastest men.

“10.36 [sic] is crazy tho at that size!!!” tweeted Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. “Amazing respect, @dkm14!”

Craven Gillespie won the race in 10.11 seconds. NFL players frequently rely on speed in short bursts, and the 23-year-old started the race well but faded in the final 20 meters.


“To test my speed against world-class athletes… just having the opportunity to run against these guys was a blessing,” Metcalf said after the race on Sunday. “This is what they do for a living. This is not the same as football speed.”

Many sprinters regarded Metcalf’s entrance into their sport as a sideshow at best and an insult at worst. Former Olympic sprinter Ato Boldon, who was working on NBC’s coverage of the race, said Metcalf did well.
Boldon stated, “He did not embarrass himself.” “He stayed with the pack…
I didn’t think he’d be able to run anywhere near that fast.”

Metcalf’s NFL speed was on display last season when he pursued Arizona defensive back Budda Baker from behind after an interception to prevent what appeared to be a sure touchdown. Metcalf gained nearly 10 yards on Baker and hit a top speed of 22.64 mph in pads. On the play, he ran 108.8 yards to tackle Baker just short of the end zone.

After the game, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said, “That was one of the best football plays I’ve ever seen.” Track standouts have been challenged for decades by the fastest athletes in other sports. Terrell Owens, a Hall of Fame NFL receiver, attempted to set up a friendly competition with 2004 Olympic 100m gold medalist Justin Gatlin, who is still in the elite form at 39 and one of the favorites to make the US team for the Tokyo Games.

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