Popular 3DS games appear to be on their way out.


Nintendo is a popular name in the video game industry, and the company has been releasing popular video game hardware for many years. We can enjoy not only console platforms but also portable handheld devices. It appears that some video games designed for the Nintendo 3DS are beginning to fail. These reports may be concerning for those hoping to keep their Nintendo 3DS video games in their collection.

A ResetEra post is going viral on the internet. It appears that many games are starting to die off due to hardware limitations. The post mentions the Pokemon video games released on the 3DS, which are completely broken, and this extends to other non-Pokemon video games as well. This has prompted others to go online and share their findings, with more users in Europe reporting that the game cartridges are not working.

While these are sometimes carts in need of a good cleaning, those who actively work on video games have noticed that there is something more at work here. One of the more popular theories is that the hardware used was not necessarily a good piece of software that would last indefinitely.

However, some cartridges are designed to ensure that the hardware and software work correctly. Others, however, believe that the problem is a soldering issue, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens with these hardware issues for the time being.

If this is a soldering issue, there is a possible fix for these games, but it would require the use of a soldering iron, which some players may not have or be comfortable with. Meanwhile, it appears that this is one story that may serve as a warning to those who may wish to back up their saved files.

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