Ford Introduces Power-Up Software Updates


According to the automaker, Power-Up will provide a more seamless Amazon Alexa experience and more, beginning with the F-15o, Bronco, and Mustang Mach-E.

According to Ford Motor Company, driving an “enhanced, upgraded vehicle will now become a regular experience.” Because the automaker intends to deliver new features and improvements over the air (OTA) via its updated wireless software tech, dubbed Power-Up, to its owners.

According to Ford, the first Power-Up software updates for the F-150 and Mustang Mach-E in North America began in March. Customers who purchase new vehicles with Power-Up capability can identify their preferences as well as vehicle issues. Ford engineers said they could use the information to improve quality and capability.

Ford’s director of business operations and enterprise connectivity said, “Software updates are common across billions of connected devices, but not yet for vehicles.” Alex Purdy explained. “Ford Power-Up software updates will improve that by making it to millions of people more quickly. We’ve invested in more seamless technology so that updates can take place while you’re sleeping, making your next ride more enjoyable.”

The company will build Power-software Up’s updates on the company’s new networked, second-generation electrical architecture and new tech stack. “These simple wireless upgrades help improve features, quality, experiences, capability, and convenience,” Ford said.
It could apply the updates to the “vast majority of vehicle computer modules 80 so far these upgrades can help develop the ownership experience and decrease the requirement for repair trips,” according to the company.

But hold on, there’s more. Many Power-Up software updates, according to Ford, will be invisible to customers due to a tech program that connects much of the new software in history. Furthermore, Ford claims that many updates require little to no customer action because SYNC 4 technology has current software working until the new version is ready.

According to Ford, customers can schedule updates that require reboots in a convenient manner, such as overnight, who added that some updates might take less than two minutes, while others may take longer.

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