In Mass Effect, how do you max out Paragon or Renegade?


Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released on Friday, giving players a second chance to play BioWare’s classic RPG trilogy. One of the series’ defining features is its morality system, which introduces players to the opposing archetypes of Paragon and Renegade.

But what if you want to max one out right away? This exploit allows you to reach the full Paragon or complete Renegade instantly. Here’s how to go about it.

The exploitation of Paragon and Renegade in Mass Effect

To begin, you’ll need at least five Charm points for Paragon or Intimidate points for Renegade, as well as access to Lorik Qui’in on the planet Noveria.

When you get your Noveria garage pass, agree to carry out Lorik’s mission. Recover the evidence from his office computer, then decide to speak with Gianna Parasini before returning the proof to Lorik.

Gianna can be found alone at a table in the hotel bar near the stairs, across from Lorik. Accept her offer to persuade Lorik to testify, then speak with Lorik.

You must select one of the following options during your conversation with Lorik:

  1. “Speak out against Anolis.”
  2. Choose “You’d be a hero” to gain +25 Paragon Points or “Damn right I will” to earn +25 Renegade Points.

After that, finish the conversation and speak with Lorik again. 

This time, choose the following options in the next order:

  1. “Another question, Matriarch Benezia.”
  2. “Prove Your Case Against Anoleis”
  3. “You’d be a hero,” Paragon says, and Renegade says, “Damn right I will.”
  4. You can repeat this process as many times as you want until you’ve exhausted your morality options.

Increasing your morality has a few advantages:

  • Unlocking all 12 Charm/Intimidate points for purchase in the Squad Menu, allowing you to select an option in every game decision.
  • They are unlocking both special Morality Missions, which are unlocked by reaching either an 80 percent or a 90 percent moral standing. UNC: Besieged Base will be available to Paragons, while UNC: The Negotiation will be available to Paragons.
  • You’ll get a head start on your Charm/Intimidate points if you import your Mass Effect 1 save into Mass Effect 2 with each morality bar 50% complete.

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