What Is the Procedure for the NBA Play-In Tournament?


The NBA will hold a play-in tournament 2020-21 regular season, before the first round of the postseason. The game will determine the last two playoff spots.

The tournament, which includes four teams from each conference, was created to reduce tanking during the final weeks of the regular season.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Howard Beck, 24 teams were still competing, with about a dozen games remaining on the schedule.

“That’s not just dramatic by NBA standards. It’s truly revolutionary. “Beck put pen to paper. “With a month left, 24 is the highest we’ve ever had in the history of the league,” Evan Wasch, the NBA’s executive vice president of basketball strategy and analytics, told us.

The play-in tournament will begin on May 18, so here’s everything you need to know:

When will the play-in tournament be held?

The play-in tournament will take place on Tuesday, May 18, and end on Friday, May 21.

What is the format?

The team with the seventh-highest winning percentage in each conference will host one game against the team with the eighth-highest winning percentage, with the winner earning the No. 7 seed in each meeting.

The team with the ninth-highest winning percentage in each conference will host the team with the tenth-highest winning percentage in another game. 

While the loser of that game is out of postseason contention, the No. 9 vs. 10 games winner will face the loser of the No. 7 vs. 8 games.

The winner of the final game between the 7/8 loser and the 9/10 winner will receive the No. 8 seed in each conference.

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