Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Gets New Pepper, Happy, & More Characters


The Marvel Legends Infinity saga line is still adding new figures at a rapid pace. Following the release of Odin and Iron Man vs. Thanos last week, two new two-packs and one solo figure will be released this weekend.

All of them were linked back to Iron Man in some way. Furthermore, the first-ever 6-inch figure of Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan, as well as new likenesses of Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, and Carol Danvers, should make this set very appealing. The only drawback is that the two-packs are only available at retail.

Rescue is a redesigned version of the previously released figure, complete with different wings and two new Gwyneth Paltrow portraits. Captain Marvel looks brand new in her Endgame outfit and shorter hair. She has the techno-gauntlet as well as alternate hands.

Happy Hogan comes with a smartphone and the caramel-colored Mark XXI Iron Man suit from Iron Man 3. The Iron Man suit appears to be typical of Iron Man suits. These two are only available at Target and, surprisingly, appear to be available for preorder as of this writing. The Mark III suit from the first Iron Man film is more memorable. It has “pop-out” missile attachments, as well as the first Hasbro head, sculpt of open-masked Downey-Tony.

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