Black Summer Season 2 Trailer Is Here, and Things Are Getting Chilly


One of the best zombie series on television is returning, and it’s about to get much better. The official trailer for Netflix’s zombie series Black Summer Season 2, starring Jaime King, has been released. The second season, which will consist of eight episodes, will premiere on June 17.

On the surface, Black Summer, created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams, appears to be just another zombie survival story. But it’s far more creative than that. The zombie apocalypse survivors face new problems in the next season, as they must now contend with violent militias and scavengers during the winter.

The thriller’s first season focused on numerous lesser-known facets of a global apocalypse. This debut trailer is furious and horrifying, underlining the dangers of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

The Netflix original’s second season will release on Thursday, June 17. This new season will have eight episodes, much like the first. That’s enough terror to make you gasp, but not enough to scare you emotionally. So get ready to experience a Black Summer this summer.

The trailer of Black Summer Season 2 has dropped on Netflix, and it’s available to watch. Black Summer Season 1 was shot amid summer, but there is a seasonal change this time. Black Summer Season 2 has been set in the chilling snows. This time, the film will be more enthralling and adventurous; the survivors must now defend their brains while battling off the weather.

Black Summer Season 2: Who all are onboard in the Second Season?

Jaime King will reprise her role as Rose, a mother desperate to see her daughter again. With the world still being a nightmare full of dangers, Rose must now do everything she can to safeguard her daughter.

Justin Chu Cary plays Spears, a thief who assumed the identity of the soldier who killed her. Lance, a young survivor without a family, is played by Kelsey Flower.

Christine Lee is the creator of Sun, a North Korean woman on the hunt for her lost mother.

Last season began with the zombie apocalypse outbreak and centered around our heroes and antiheroes racing to the stadium. However, when they arrived, the assistance they had hired had already left.

“Winter brings cold-blooded new difficulties amid the zombie apocalypse as anxious scavengers and ruthless gangs combat the dead and desperate,” as stated by Netflix in a Press release about the show.


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