The third season of Netflix’s ‘Master of None’ Review


“Master of None,” a Netflix hit, was one of the most notable comedies of the mid-2010s, encapsulating a New York hipster lifestyle that now seems like a distant memory.

Season one premiered in 2015, followed by season two in 2017 that expanded to include Aziz Ansari’s friends, most notably co-writer Lena Waithe.

The pair won an Emmy for outstanding writing in a comedy series for the “Thanksgiving” episode, which featured Waithe bringing a girlfriend home for the first time to her family.

The success of season two almost ensured the show’s continuation, but when allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior against Ansari were made in early 2018 amid the rise of the #MeToo movement, the future of “Master of None” appeared uncertain at best.

Ansari hasn’t appeared in a film since. His sole primary performance was his 2019 Netflix special “Aziz Ansari Right Now,” He apologized for causing the woman-involved trauma.

Not surprisingly, the third season of “Master of None” shifts the focus away from Ansari. It flashes forward several years, with Waithe taking over the starring role. It was co-written by Ansari and Waithe and shot entirely on film rather than digitally.

She’s become a New York Times best-selling author and moved to a country home with a girlfriend since season two. The season, titled “Moments in Love,” is dedicated to their relationship.

Ansari remains a part of the show even though he is no longer in the spotlight.
In the first episode, he pays a visit to Waithe, but he is no longer the carefree young man he once was. Ansari’s acting career is in shambles, he’s returned to live with his parents in Queens, and he’s in an unhealthy relationship.
Waithe reflects on how his path has been derailed outside his home in a speech. That sounds like he took it from the last few years of his natural life.

“We used to have such a good time. Every day, we ran around New York, doing whatever we wanted and having a good time. I had no idea how fortunate I was, “Ansari informs Waithe.

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