Dogecoin cost surpasses 10 cents to achieve an all-time high.

The cryptocurrency, which has a Shiba Innu dog's face as its emblem, has surpassed 10 pennies for the very first time.

China fines Alibaba $2.8 Billion For Breaking Anti-Monopoly Law

The Chinese government says it's devoting a $2.8 billion nice on the e-commerce company Alibaba Group for violating its anti-monopoly regulations.

Microsoft in final talks to purchase Nuance Communications: Report

According to a report, Microsoft may want to get one of its wellbeing and AI spouses, Nuance Communications, and may be prepared to pay as much as $16 billion for this.

Pandemic arouses a new life together with our pet friends.

The research over recent decades, through those odd times we find ourselves alive, many of us have reached out to find relaxation in the shape of a pet.

Heinz ketchup in high demand at restaurants, fast-food chains

Not the bottled variety as much as the small individual packages restaurants provide with pickup, takeout, and delivery orders.And it's hitting America's most popular brand, Heinz.

Topps seems to go public in a $1.3B deal with SPAC.

Sports trading company Topps is combining with a specific purposes acquisition company in a deal valued at $1.3 billion and seeking a public record.

Target Easter Hours 2021: Is It Open or Closed?

Happy Easter 2021! If you have to get some last-minute Easter goodies, then you are likely wondering what grocery stores are open near you. Is Target open or closed now?

Easter egg hunt: UK shoppers Frustrated with shortages

Many shared images of empty shelves on social networking, and some draw comparisons to a year's toilet paper shortage.

Pepsi and Peeps are teaming up to launch a marshmallow-flavored drink

If you had Peeps-flavored Pepsi on your 2021 bingo card, congratulations, you get to scratch it off (and also, you're weirdly prescient!).

Wall Street goes sloppy on Friday

The US stocks tumbled on Friday. The banks led the way after the US federal reserve tried to ease a situation by letting expire a temporary capital buffer relief.