With expensive pandemic policies, Airbnb is pushing hosts elsewhere.

Some are seeking to cut the page out of bookings or take legal action, hurt by refunds. The business says it is trying to decrease tensions.

The partnership is broken beyond repair for some rental operators. According to a lawyer at a Chicago company, hundreds of more than 10,000 listings are taking legal action against Airbnb. Others are attempting to circumvent Airbnb by directly booking guests.

The failure happens at a critical moment for Airbnb. As its stock price has risen further, the firm, which went public in December and quickly topped over $100 billion in valuation, faces high expectations. On Feb. 25, Airbnb expects to announce its first earnings as a public enterprise.

This puts the San Francisco company under pressure to demonstrate a profitable sector, taking a cut in fees when people book properties that host list on their web, even as new coronavirus spikes dampen travel.