Microsoft in final talks to purchase Nuance Communications: Report

According to a report, Microsoft may want to get one of its wellbeing and AI spouses, Nuance Communications, and may be prepared to pay as much as $16 billion for this.

NASA to Try 1st powered helicopter flight on Mars

NASA's effort to launch the first powered, controlled flight on another planet set for this weekend was delayed for a few days.

Hands-free: Monkey plays with a Video game – Using its Mind

Elon Musk's startup devoted to meshing brains using computers has been closer to the dream on Friday.

J & J COVID shot to be Provided in Liberty County

The Coastal Health District will provide the single-dose COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson during vaccine occasions in Liberty and Camden Counties this month.

Review: Amazon Prime’s brand new show “Them”

Over the first five minutes of Amazon Prime's brand new show, Them, I will feel that something's wrong.

Recently published cookbook assists some Covid survivors with cooking

The new cookbook, "Taste & Flavour", seeks to aid the kitchen skills of those who had - or have - Coronavirus disease, since these people frequently experience loss of taste and/or smell.

Great Britain’s Prince Philip Dies At Age 99

Since Queen Victoria's time in the 1800s, he was the first man royal consort and the longest-serving consort in history.

Pandemic arouses a new life together with our pet friends.

The research over recent decades, through those odd times we find ourselves alive, many of us have reached out to find relaxation in the shape of a pet.

Spotify has introduced a new desktop app and web player experience.

Spotify brought together the technological benefits of a modern, scalable web player with a unified Spotify interface and the functionality you've come to expect from the desktop app.

Authorities: Monkeys on the loose on Cincinnati’s West Side

Approximately five reptiles are on the loose Cincinnati's West Side. Some seen moving in trees in a cemetery immediately, authorities confirmed Thursday morning.