WHO Lauds India for Sharing Covid 19 Vaccine

The Covid vaccine seems to be the solution now, and all the nations are trying to give their best in vaccinating their residents.

Golden Globes Winners

Golden Globes is one of the most awaited award shows, and this year, too, there were a series of winners and nominees who won our hearts with their amazing performances.

Vegan Pancakes (milk-free pancakes)

Veganism is the newest way for many people, and this has changed many people’s lives indeed.While that is true, there are many recipes that one has to give up or ignore.

Elon Musk is Promoting Cryptocurrency.

A recent tweet from Elon Musk became quite the thing. He was found with a series of tweets where he mentions the Japanese Shiba-Inu-themed digital currency, Dogecoin.

Netflix is Coming with Several Stand up Comedies and Movies

Netflix has already gifted the world with its comedy specials. 2021 is no ordinary year as it promises many things to its users.

Microsoft Accuses China Over Cyber Email Attacks

Microsoft recently blamed a Chinese espionage cyber group for attacking their leading server software.

Lucid Motors Set To Launch An Electric Car By 2021

Lucid Motors is all set to launch an electric car soon. The company owned by former Tesla engineer Paul Rawlinson is the latest in the market trying to compete with Tesla.

Netflix sets $100 Million to Help Underrepresented Communities

Netflix aims to spend $100 Million for the revival of small or underrepresented communities in the field of entertainment.

Whatsapp To Disable Messaging For Those That Reject New T&C

It has been noted that by May 15 this year, WhatsApp users who refuse to accept its updated terms and conditions will be unable to send and even receive messages until they accept.

About 10,000 Fans Could Return to England Stadiums by Mid-May

As it stands, outdoor sports will be permitted to resume in England from March 29th. This plan to ease the lockdown means requires four tests.