According to Facebook, Trump’s ban will last at least two years

For the time being, the decision denies the former president a platform, at least until the midterm elections. After the Capitol disturbance in January, the suspension was imposed.

Spotify has introduced a new desktop app and web player experience.

Spotify brought together the technological benefits of a modern, scalable web player with a unified Spotify interface and the functionality you've come to expect from the desktop app.

Valve has released Proton 6.3-1

Valve has released Proton 6.3-1, as well as a Proton Experimental update. This includes a slew of recent Windows games playable on Linux.

Biden’s Efforts to Promote Electric Vehicles

Biden's Electric Vehicle Push: $174 Billion, 10 Years, and a Little Luck The president aims to make electric cars more affordable in order to turn a niche product into a mainstream product.

Siri’s voice would no longer be female by design, according to Apple

Siri, Apple's personal assistant, would soon stop defaulting to speak in a female tone. Siri will also get two new voices, according to Apple (AAPL).

Microsoft awarded a $21.9 billion contract from US Army

Microsoft has been awarded yet another major government contract, this time for the development of virtual reality products for the United States Army.

FKA Twigs expresses gratitude to Lil Nas X

FKA Twigs expresses gratitude to Lil Nas X for acknowledging that her video for 'Cellophane' inspired his song 'Montero'.

‘Made for Love’ exploring the dark side of our high-tech future

"Made for Love" is the most recent film, which is set about 10 minutes in the future and discusses the creepy potential of technology as a control mechanism.

Gender-neutral baby gifts that will make every parent happy

It can be difficult to shop for a person you have not met. Finding gender-neutral baby presents, on the other hand, involves looking for cool toys that you wish you had as a child.

Texas continues to reel from destructive winter storms

Destructive winter storms reeled Texas into the damaging darkness and it could take months for others to heal.