Microsoft provides employees with a cash bonus of $1,500 dollar.

According to Verge, In the Covid 19, the tech behemoth Microsoft will give its employees a whopping $1,500 bonus.

Walmart’s new AI predicts grocery substitutes for customers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, big-box retailer Walmart uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help customers and personal shoppers better handle the still-increasing online demand for groceries.

What Are the Best Food Stocks to Buy in May?

As a stock market investor, you would always want to invest in something you are familiar with. What better way to learn about the company's products than through food stocks?

Back-to-work fashion will consist of sneakers and T-shirts.

Adidas AG's CEO is unsure how much of his employees will continue to work from home in the coming years.

Fast-food restaurants in the USA cash in and steal market share.

McDonald's Corp., Taco Bell, Chipotle, and other fast-food franchises stand to gain even more market share from sit-down restaurants.

Warren Buffett Defends Berkshire Hathaway’s Decisions

The investing guru chastised SPACs and day traders for inflating valuations and suggested exiting the airline industry.

The FTSE 100 finishes higher

The FTSE 100 finishes higher thanks to AstraZeneca and an increase in oil stocks; JustEat Takeaway is down.

Dogecoin cost surpasses 10 cents to achieve an all-time high.

The cryptocurrency, which has a Shiba Innu dog's face as its emblem, has surpassed 10 pennies for the very first time.

China fines Alibaba $2.8 Billion For Breaking Anti-Monopoly Law

The Chinese government says it's devoting a $2.8 billion nice on the e-commerce company Alibaba Group for violating its anti-monopoly regulations.

Microsoft in final talks to purchase Nuance Communications: Report

According to a report, Microsoft may want to get one of its wellbeing and AI spouses, Nuance Communications, and may be prepared to pay as much as $16 billion for this.