Concrete Batteries Could Make Future Buildings More Sustainable

Chalmers University researchers believe the rechargeable prototype has enormous commercial potential.

Grand Theft Auto 6 on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

THE GTA 6 release date has been pushed back to 2021, and while fans are tired of waiting, releasing such a big game this year on PS5 and Xbox Series X would have disastrous consequences.

According to Facebook, Trump’s ban will last at least two years

For the time being, the decision denies the former president a platform, at least until the midterm elections. After the Capitol disturbance in January, the suspension was imposed.

Twitter has announced the availability of a DM search bar for Android.

Twitter users on Android now have access to a new search feature limited to Direct Messages (DMs). On May 14, Company announced that the latest update includes a search bar at the top of the DM page.

Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Gets New Pepper, Happy, & More Characters

The Marvel Legends Infinity saga line is still adding new figures at a rapid pace. Following the release of Odin and Iron Man vs. Thanos last week.

Google search now has a dark mode.

The dark mode is becoming more prevalent in today's most popular software and services.Now it's the turn of none other than Google Search, the Internet's most popular search engine.

In Mass Effect, how do you max out Paragon or Renegade?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released on Friday, giving players a second chance to play BioWare's classic RPG trilogy.

Break Arts II will be released on the PlayStation 4 in 2021.

The PC version of this battle racing and robot customized game is currently available. Break Arts II, a battle racing and robot customization game, will be released for PlayStation 4 in 2021

Improved Memristors for Brain-like Computing

Scientists are getting better at creating neuron-like junctions for computers that mimic the random information processing, storage, and recall of the human brain.

China’s rover will attempt to land on Mars in the coming days.

China's "Zhurong" rover, part of the country's ambitious space program to send a probe to Mars, is set to attempt the difficult landing on the Red Planet within the next five days.